Vision and Mission Statement:

The Vision of FTAspay is a No-Kill community, where dogs and cats are no longer euthanized because they are homeless.

The Mission of FTAspay is to end animal shelter euthanasia through targeted, affordable spay/neuter and microchipping.

Primary Activities and Goals:

The primary objective and purpose of this charitable, not-for-profit corporation is to provide quality affordable sterilization of companion animals for pet guardians who would otherwise not pay the high price to have their pets altered.

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FTAspay   •   P.O. Box 244    •   Wildomar, CA 92595    •   T: 951-200-4224   •

Don't Breed or Buy while Shelter Animals Die! 
Please adopt an animal companion from your
local shelter or rescue organization. 
Save a Life!  Thank you
As of 6/30/14:   1,016 dogs and cats microchipped
1,783 dogs and cats spayed and neutered
Many Thanks to Jennifer Cuff, Raelee Teague, Candace Moore, Amy Strickland, Taylor Bacon, Kayla Fletcher, Sue, and other wonderful Vet Techs that volunteer their time at our Microchip Clinics
FTAspay is a nonprofit Spay-Neuter advocacy organization that assists people and pets.

Our Goal is to open a low-cost Spay & Neuter Clinic.   Currently, we offer Resources and Assistance for affordable Spay-Neuter,  as well as $10 Microchip Clinics.

Donations are needed to fund our efforts and help us reach Our Goal!   Together, we can end pet overpopulation and create a No-Kill community in the Lake Elsinore - Temecula valley.
Upcoming Microchip Clinic:

$10 Micrcochip Clinic
Saturday, Sept 20, 12:00-6:00
Country Kennels Dawg Waterpark
25817 Washington Ave, Murrieta, CA 92562
$50 Dogs up to 100 lbs.

$65.00 Dogs
over 100 lbs.

$30.00 All Cats
(Domestic & feral)
Spaying & Neutering ~
the way to a No-Kill Natio
Serving Southwest Riverside County, CA
Sterilize ~ Protect ~ Advocate ~ Yes, we will!
For The Animals Low-Cost Spay & Neuter Clinic
Our Microchip Clinic on Sept. 20th
will be held at a Fundraising Event
benefitting Fallbrook's Live Oak Dog Park
For Swim tickets, contact:
Sandy Goodman, 760 728 5481 ~

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